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System parameters:

Support WINDOWS 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / VISTA / Server 2008 / Win7 / WIN8 32bit / 64bit.
USB wireless serial port transmission module, support for AT Ming on the system configuration!
Use a stable CH340T chip USB to serial port.
Multi-frequency: 125 frequency points to meet the needs of multi-point communication and FM communications.
The two LEDs on the module are the power indicator (red) and the nRF24L01 status indicator (blue / green) respectively.
Built-in watchdog anti-driver program, you can stable operation in harsh industrial environments.
nRF24L01 Module Insertion Direction As shown in the following picture on the webpage, the interposer system will not work, but will not burn the wireless module.
Use this module to make wireless serial communication can make the transmission distance farther (100 ~ 1100m, depending on the wireless module power), far exceeding the Bluetooth serial port (10m) transmission distance

USB-UART adapter for NRF24L01 modules and compatibles. This module will make possible communication between an any computer and NRF24L01 network or devices. IT is made of an USB-UART bridge, namely the CH340 from WCH, which is compatible with all platforms, and an MCU, the STC11L04E, in charge of NRF24L01 driving and UART communication interfacing, it also handles AT configuration. 

The STC is a powerfull MCU fitted with a simple yet efficient fimware providing transparent UART communication with zero-configuration as well as an AT command set for configuration.These configuration commands give control over UART baudrate, NRF24 communication rate, local and target address, working band, parity check mode, and to get system informations. For information source of a simple STC firmware are provided (Keil MDK, 51 edition), it is very easy to rewrite a frimware for most adventurous or those with specific needs. The NRF24L01 module has to be mounted as shown on the last picture.

AT Commands  
Baudrate AT+BAUD=n where n =  1-6 (1:4800,2:9600,3:14400,4:19200,5:38400,6:115200) (default 9600Kbps)
NRF Rate : AT+RATE=n where n =  1-3 (1:250K, 2:1M, 3:2M ) (default 2Mbps)
Local Address AT+RXA=0Xnn,0Xnn,0Xnn,0Xnn,0Xnn where nn are the local receiving address (default 0xff,0xff,0xff,0xff,0xff)
Target Address  : AT+TXA=0Xnn,0Xnn,0Xnn,0Xnn,0Xnn where nn are the target address
Operating Freq. : AT+FREQ=2.nnnG where nnn = 400 / 525 (default 2.400G)
Checksum mode AT+CRC=n where n = 8 /16 (default : 16 bit)
System info  : AT? 

Example sources STC  

From Makerfabs Datasheet and Document


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