YIHUA 8786D I 2 in 1 Blower Digital Hot Cool Air Rework Solder Uap



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YIHUA 8786D I 2 in 1 Blower Digital Hot Cool Air Rework Solder Uap



Input Voltage:110V US Plug-220V EU

Plug Heat Gun Temperature Range:100-480(℃)

Iron Temperature Range:200-480(℃)

Air flow:≤120L/min

Display: LED Dual Display

Stand Size:148*135*135(mm)


Tips Do not touch the nozzle after or in working.

Keep away from children. Safety Guidelines When using this product, please abide by the following procedures to avoid electric shock or physical harm to the human body, and prevent the occurrence fire or other risks.

1. For safety reason,please turn off the power switch after you have finished using the product and unplug the power cord when not using the machine for an extended period.

2. After the soldering station is switched on, its temperature can exceed 400^C. Do not use near flammable or explosive objects. To avoid burn, do not touch the metal part of the soldering iron.

3. Do not leave the work area when the soldering station is switched on.

4. The power cord must be unplugged and the iron must be allowed to cool before installing or replacing soldering iron parts.

5. After use, please let the unit cool down before package.

6. The soldering iron should only be used for soldering. Do not hit the soldering iron against the work surface to remove flux residues, as doing so may seriously damage the soldering iron.

7. Soldering produces fumes, ensure there is adequate ventilation. Package Content 1 x YIHUA-8786D-I Heat Gun 1x YIHUA-8786D-I Iron 1x YIHUA-8786D-I Station 3x Nozzle

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