Wrist Strap Anti Statis Anti-Electrostatic



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Wrist Strap Anti Statis Anti-Electrostatic

Detailed description:

1. Anti-static wrist strap is the most common and basic anti-static protection product, which is widely used in SMT industry and production line. It is easy to use and economical. The principle is that the static electricity on the human body is discharged to the earth through the wristband and the grounding wire. Therefore, the human skin must be in contact with the wristband during use, and the grounding wire is also directly grounded, and the grounding is ensured to be effective.      

Second, the material description:                 

Bracelet: inner white gauze elastic band;  

Specifications: (adjustable);

Color: light blue;

Table bandwidth: 17.5 mm, length 15.3 cm;

Plastic head: adjustable (ABS) plastic slide;

Coiled wire: Pvc material outer skin, containing 7-core copper-platinum wire, and the beer head buckle is set with 1MΩ resistance current limit;   

Color: light blue;   

Winding length: 1.8M.

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