KS908 - Solder Female Socket 936 Soldering Station



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KS908 - Solder Female Socket 936 Soldering Station

1. Wide range temperature adjustment 200°C-480°C (392°F-896°F ) , Meet the needs of different welding occasions.
2. Heating components using precision printing technology, High temperature firing, With warming and return temperature quick,long life, The temperature is stable and so on
3. Has the Fahrenheit and Celsius markers.
4. Ergonomic design, finger groove, stronger grip, safer use.
5. Transparent visible job display light.
6. Welding head sheath is made of anti-oxidation and anti-rust material.

1. Do not touch the welding head and the nearby metal parts with your hands.
2. Do not use near combustible materials.
3. Do not wet the soldering iron or your hands when wet
4. Do not tamper with the soldering irons, replace parts with original components.
5. Do not use the unit for applications other than desoldering
6. For safety reasons, unplug the power cord after you have finished using the product.

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