Kawat Pembersih Mata Solder CMT-599B



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Kawat Pembersih Mata Solder CMT-599B


1. Traditional seepage when cleaning sponge tip has been cool and will accelerate the oxidation of iron head is not durable, CMT-559B cleaning without cooling, the product is suitable for Europe and RoHs standards.

2. without adding water, to avoid the tip cool, does not erupt tin beads, improve the welding efficiency.

3. To prevent tip oxidation, increasing tip life.

4. The dome design, tin slag splashed on the table will not, keep working environment clean.

5. insert the metal tip, multi-point contact to achieve multi-cleaner, clean, convenient, improve work efficiency.

1. Clean the tip insert the wire inside the mouth in order to remove residual solder tip.
2. Do not clean the wire inside the mouth as a sponge for sweeping brush tip, because the wire shaped like a spring, it may spill residue solder melt iron head, use caution.
3. Replace the wire inside the mouth clean, wear gloves, be careful not to spill solder broken, please open the box on end.

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