DC Power Supply Digital YG-1502DD 0-15V 2A


FREE Mobile Phone Repair Dedicated Power Supply Interface Cable

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DC Power Supply Digital YG-1502DD 0-15V 2A

The power supply is designed for mobile phone repair / computer maintenance work and specially designed a full-featured power supply appliances.

 * Dual digital display, respectively, shows: the current voltage, the current current. To provide you with a simple, affordable, high performance, maintenance equipment.

Power supply function: provides 0-15V DC power output function.

With DC current 0-15V output function (gear adjustment set voltage output, smooth adjustment set voltage output can be ).

Current two files: 0.6 A -2A adjustable between .

With short circuit protection, automatic recovery function .

Body weight: 1.6 kg

* Inner box size : 17 * 21 * 16.5  c m

Outer box size: 50 * 43 * 3 cm 

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