Fingerprint Module JM-101B



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Fingerprint Module JM-101B

Dimensions (23.3 x 20.3 x 48.1 mm)

Product Overview
       The JM-101 fingerprint module is an integrated fingerprint processing module that integrates the optical path and fingerprint processing part. It has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption and simple interface. It has high reliability, fast recognition speed, good wet and dry finger adaptability, and fingerprint search. high speed.
       JM-101 module communication interface is USB and UART communication interface.
Three working principle

1. Fingerprint Characteristics

The feature extracted by the fingerprint algorithm from the acquired fingerprint image represents the information of the fingerprint. Fingerprint storage, comparison and search and so on through the operations to complete minutiae.

2. Fingerprint processing consists of two processes: fingerprint login process and fingerprint matching process [where fingerprint matching is divided into fingerprint comparison (1:1) and fingerprint search (1:N)]. 
       When the fingerprint is registered, each fingerprint is entered twice, and the recorded image is processed twice, and the composite template is stored in the module. 
       When the fingerprint is matched, the fingerprint sensor is used to input the fingerprint image for processing and then processed, and then matched with the fingerprint template in the module. If the template is matched with the template specified in the module, it is called the fingerprint comparison method, that is, 1:1. Mode; if matching with multiple templates, called fingerprint search mode, ie 1:N mode), the module gives the matching result (pass or fail).

Three technical parameters

Supply voltage: DC 3.3V 
supply current: Operating current: <60mA 
peak current: <60mA 
fingerprint image entry time: <1.0 seconds

Window area: 15.3╳ 18.2 mm

Resolution: 500dpi

Support dengan Arduino. Bisa pakai library adafruit



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