TDS-3 TDS/TEMP Meter Water Quality Tester



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Rp. 23.000

TDS-3 TDS/TEMP Meter Water Quality Tester

[Product parameters] 
Measurement range: 0~999ppm 
Accuracy: ±2% (FS) 
Power supply: 2×1.5V

Automatic temperature compensation: 0°C~60°C 
Working temperature: 0°C~50°C 
Weight: 50 g 
Dimensions: 156mm×30mm×20mm 
Application range: pure water production and drinking, electric liquid, boiler water, fish tank water, 
swimming pool water Cleanliness, photographic rinsing fluid, well water, deep well water, laboratory, aquaculture, 
food processing, home, office, physical and chemical teaching, ionized water cosmetics, municipal water supply, travel health care

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