RCWL-0516 Microwave Radar Induction Switch Module



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RCWL-0516 Microwave Radar Induction Switch Module


  • Working Voltage: DC 4-28V
  • Working Current: 2.8mA
  • Detecting Distance:5-7 meter
  • Transmitting Power: 20mW
  • Output Signal:TTL(high level 3.3V, low level 0V)
  • Board Size: 3.59 X 1.73cm/1.41X 0.68in

Pin Instructions: 

  • 3V3: support output 3.3V voltage, driving current is 100mA
  • GND: ground
  • OUT: controlling signal output, when detect the subject, it will output high level(3.3V),otherwise output low level(0V)
  • VIN: power supply input(4-28V)
  • CDS: trigger signal control: less than 0.7V, OUT outptu low level, over 0.7V work normally. Connect the LDR can turn off the detecting function at night.

Regulation Function Instructions: 

  • C-TM: reguate the repeat trigger time, default time is 2s, add the SMD capacitor to extend the repeat trigger time.
  • Repeat trigger time calculation: install the SMD capacitor, then test the 9196 3th pin frequency f, the trigger time T= R-GN: regulate the detecting distance,connect the resistor the detecting distance will will short.(default 7m, connect 1M resistor, the detecting distance will be about 5M)
  • R-CDS: the VCC is in parrel connection with CDS(namely 9196 9th pin) through R-CDS. Connect the LDR at the R-CDS to turn off the detecting function at night.


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