Photoelectric Speed Sensor Encoder Coded Disc



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Photoelectric Speed Sensor Encoder Coded Disc

Technical parameters:

Lines: 100 lines

Outer diameter: 22mm

The hole diameter: 3.5mm

Thickness: 0.3 mm

Material: Alloy steel

Supply voltage: 5V

Wiring: Red 5V Black GND

Output signal: 5Vp-p two-phase signal output 

Two signal lines, a yellow one blue (due to the production of different batches, sometimes the signal line may be green, does not affect the use), yellow and blue are two TTL level (can be directly connected to the microcontroller ) Signal (Note: positive and negative rotation is measured by the two-level distinction is forward or reverse)

(A B is a signal line)

A first pulse, that is forward

B first pulse, that is reversed

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