Force Sensing Resistor FSR402 (Pressure/Stress Sensor)



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Force Sensing Resistor FSR402 (Pressure/Stress Sensor)

Interlink Electronics FSR™ 400 series is part of the single zone Force Sensing Resistor™ family. Force sensing resistors, or FSRs, are robust polymer thick film (PTF) devices that exhibit a decrease in resistance with increase in force applied to the surface of the sensor. This force sensitivity is optimized for use in human touch control of electronic devices such as automotive electronics, medical systems, and in industrial and robotics applications.

– Sensing area (Sensing range): 0.5 “circle
– The Output signal (Output signal): Passive variable to hold
– Overall length: 2.375″
– Overall width: 0.75″
– Sensing the diameter: 0.5″
– Actuation force as low as 0.1 N and sensitivity range to 10 N (100 g to 10 kg)
– Highly repeatable force reading; as low as 2% of initial reading with repeatable actuation system
– Cost effective
– Ultra-thin; 0.45 mm
– Robust; up to 10 million actuations

– Detect and qualify press – Sense whether a touch is accidental or intended by reading force
– Use force for UI feedback – Detect more or less user force to make a more intuitive interface
– Enhance tool safety – Differentiate a grip from a touch as a safety lock
– Find centroid of force – Use multiple sensors to determine centroid of force
– Detect presence, position, or motion – Of a person or patient in a bed, chair, or medical device
– Detect liquid blockage – Detect tube or pump occlusion or blockage by measuring back pressure
– Detect proper tube positioning
– Many other force measurement applications

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