SNAM5300 4 DOF Aluminum Robot Arm DIY Arduino



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SNAM5300 4 DOF Aluminum Robot Arm DIY Arduino

Product description

  This is a 4dof metal manipulator with a powerful  mg996 large steering gear. The robotic arm has claws that can grab something. Each steering gear can move 180 degrees and the angle of motion          is relatively large.

 The internationally-used arduino is used as the control board, and our exclusive potentiometer knob control board is used to control the four servos. The threshold is very low.


Product List:

1. A set of metal parts with screws
2. 4 mg996 servos
3. An arduino board
4. One potentiometer expansion board kit
5. A 5V2A US standard adapter
6. A USB to DC power


Product parameters:

Model: SNAM5300
Product size: 14.5X9.5X14CM
Maximum extension length of the arm: 23cm
Maximum opening size of the clip: 7.5cm

Note: Produk belum terakit

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