My DIY Pet Assembly By Yourself NT8004 - Rabbit



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My DIY Pet Assembly By Yourself NT8004 - Rabbit

Technology Counseling entry-level product , the frog  Turtle  rabbit , is very suitable for children to practice hands-on , understand the drive structure of the robot , so that children's small hands , cerebellum all moving up , reached the hands and feet , science and technology hands-on purpose !

Three products , the structure has a certain similarity , but why the frog robot jump faster , why the turtle robot move so slowly , why the rabbit ran in front ?

These questions , are the children in the assembly , the need to solve the question !!

In addition , in order to more easily assembled , all the joints of the robot , are plastic buckle , not only easy to loose , to the assembly also brought great convenience !

Plastic parts material: A S                                              
Gearbox: Transparent gear motor gearbox                
Power: 1 AA battery   *battery not included                    
Action: Frog (bouncing), turtle (crawling), rabbit (bouncing)                                          

Finished product size: Frog (110 * 90 * 100mm), Turtle (110 * 90 * 100mm), Rabbit (110 * 90 * 120mm)

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