Altera USB Blaster Compatible CPLD/FPGA Programmer



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Altera USB Blaster Compatible CPLD/FPGA Programmer

First, the basic characteristics of this product USB-Blaster download line

1. Stable support for the SignalTap II embedded logic analyzer function, catching data will never catch up! ;

2. Supports ALTERA's full range of devices. Absolutely full range, don't worry about a device not supported!
FPGAs such as MAX3000, MAX7000, MAX9000, and MAXII :
Active Serial Configuration Devices such as Stratix, Stratix II, Stratx III, Cyclone, Cyclone II, Cyclone III, ACEX1K, APEX20K, and FLEX10K :
Enhanced Configuration Devices such as EPCS1, EPCS4, EPCS16, and EPCS64: EPC1 EPC4 and so on.
3. Support three download modes: AS, PS and JTAG;
4. Supports communication with the Nios II embedded soft core processor and in system debugging, Rev.C latest firmware! ;
5. Speed: 6 times faster than the conventional parallel dongles ByteBlasterII;
6. Easy to use: MiniUSB interface, easy to connect, 2 status indicators make debugging more convenient.
7. Must: At present, the notebook computer has almost eliminated the parallel port, so the ByteblasterMV and Byteblaster II download lines are often not used in the notebook, so for the notebook user, it is convenient to use the USB download line.
8. Fully compatible with ALTERA USB Blaster, the usage, function and performance are consistent with the original ALTERA download line.

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