1.8° 42mm NEMA 17 2 Phase Hybird Stepper Motor 17HS3401


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1.8° 42mm NEMA 17 2 Phase Hybird Stepper Motor 17HS3401

Stepper motor is a motor that moves in discrete steps, one step at a time. It is generally used in a variety of applications where precise position control is desirable such as 3D printer, laser cutter and pick & place machine. This NEMA 17HS3401 bipolar stepper motor has a 1.8º step angle (200 steps/revolution) with 28N.cm holding torque.

Model: 17HS3401
★ Low noise
★ Low fever
★ Smooth operation
★ Good acceleration performance
Basic parameters of motor:
Step angle: 1.8° Phase current: 1.3A
Phase resistance: 2.4 ohm Phase inductance: 2.8mH
Holding torque: 28N.cm Braking torque: 1.6N.cm
Rotor inertia: 34g.cm2 Number of leads: 4
Motor weight: 220g Body length: 34mm
  • Step angle accuracy: ± 5% (full step, no load)
  • Resistance accuracy: ± 10%
  • Inductance accuracy: ± 20%
  • Temperature rise: 80 degrees C Max.
  • Operating environment temperature: -20-50 degrees Celsius
  • Insulation resistance: 100M ohm Min 500VDC
  • Electric strength: 820VAC for one minute
  • Radial clearance: 0.02Max (450g load)
  • Axial clearance: 0.08Max (450g load)
  • Adapted driver: two-phase stepper driver


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