Pompa Air DC 12V Pompa Celup Mini Diesel Pump Submersible 38mm



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Pompa Air DC 12V Pompa Celup Mini Diesel Pump Submersible 38mm

Power: 12v 1.5A Wire length: 3m

Flow: 12L/min Head: 2m

Outlet diameter: 1.6cm Speed: about 8500r/min:

Product introduction:

The 12V portable submersible diesel fuel pump has stable performance. Fully sealed device, insulated state. This product is small in size. Light weight, easy to install and carry. The length of the wire is about 3 meters, the diameter of the pump port is 16 mm, and the pipe is self-equipped.

It is suitable for vehicles that are inconvenient for refueling in field operations such as harvesters, large agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and large wheeled tractors, and equipment and machinery that cannot reach gas stations for refueling.

 1. The oil well pump adopts DC12V direct current motor, low noise and fast speed. 

2. The oil well pump has good sealing performance and adopts multiple seals to prevent leakage and prolong its service life. 

3. The oil well pump adopts a stainless steel shell, which increases the thickness of the shell, makes the shell stronger, not easy to deform, and can effectively prevent the shell from rusting and rot. 

4. There is a stainless steel filter in the bottom filter of the oil well pump to make the pumped diesel oil (or water) cleaner. The bottom filter is equipped with a threaded interface, which is convenient for disassembly, maintenance and replacement. Can achieve the purpose of repeated use. 

5. There is a midway switch on the power line of the oil pump for easy operation. 

6. The oil output of this oil well pump is about 12L/min. 

7. After the oil well is used, the oil well should be taken out of the oil (or water) in time. 

8. When pumping oil, you should first connect the self-prepared oil outlet hose, and then put the oil well pump into clean oil (or water). 

9. The oil outlet hose is self-provided.


1. It is strictly forbidden to pump flammable substances such as gasoline and alcohol! No-load operation and dry pumping are not allowed.
2. The oil well pump should work intermittently (that is, it should not be used for more than 20 minutes each time, and then continue to be used after stopping for 10-15 minutes). Note that it cannot work continuously for a long time.
3. Confirm whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the marked voltage of the oil pump, and the voltage tolerance is ±5%. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles.

About the warranty: one month warranty (that is, if there is a quality problem within one month, we will replace the pump with a new one, and the buyer only needs to bear the round-trip freight)

Suitable for: diesel water

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