MAX7219 8x8 Dot Matrix Module 4 in 1 Green



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MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module 4 in 1 Merah


  • 1. A single module can drive a 8x8 dot matrix common cathode
  • 2. Operating voltage: 5V
  • 3. dimensions: length 13 cm X 3.5 cm wide and 1.5 cm high X
  • 4. fixing screws with 64 holes with a diameter 3mm
  • 5. module with input and output interfaces, support for cascading multiple modules

Wiring instructions:
1. The left side of the module to the input port, the right to an output port.
2. When the control of a single module, simply input port connected to CPU
3. When a plurality of cascaded modules, input and output termination CPU, an input terminal of the second output end of the first module a module, the first two modules of the input terminal of the three termination modules, and so on. ..
51 microcontrollers, for example:
VCC → 5V
DIN → P2.2
CS → P2.1

CLK → P2.0



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