DIY Electronic Lucky Turntable Kit Simulation Lottery Electronic Training NE555 CD4017



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DIY Electronic Lucky Turntable Kit Simulation Lottery Electronic Training NE555 CD4017

Module ini cocok untuk belajar menyolder dan belajar mengenal komponen2 elektronia.

Functional gameplay:

         The lucky turntable is a tool that predicts exactly where the disc will stop when it is stopped. Can also be used as an estimate number game, electronic dice, lottery machine, etc. The electronic lucky turntable achieves the same function electronically. This kit configures 10 LEDs into a circle. When the button is pressed, each LED rotates in turn, the flow speed is slower and slower, and then stops at a certain one. The LED no longer moves. If the LED that is illuminated later is the same as predicted by the player, it means "winning".

Circuit principle:

        The circuit is mainly composed of a pulse generator and a decimal counter circuit. The pulse generator consists of a multi-vibrator composed of NE555 and peripheral components. When the button S1 is pressed , Q1 is turned on, and when the NE555's 3 pin outputs a pulse, the 10 outputs of the CD4017 alternately output a high level to drive 10 LEDs to alternately emit light. After releasing the button, Q1 will not be cut off immediately due to the presence of capacitor C1. As the voltage across C1 decreases, the conduction procedure of Q1 gradually weakens, the frequency of the output pulse of 3 pin becomes slower, and the frequency of LED movement also follows. Slow down. Finally, when the C1 discharge is over. When Q1 is cut off, the NE555's 3 feet no longer output pulses, and the LED stops moving. A "winning" process was completed. R2 determines the speed of LED movement, and C1 decides the time to wait for the "winning".



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