LINSN RV901T LED Receiving Card


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1. Support 12-bit HDMI color input (need nine generations send card with) 

2. Adopt 18-bit signal processor, supporting 18-bit (260,000 grades) grayscale for red, green and blue 

3. Single card support 1024X256 pixels 

4. Conform to EU CE-EMC standard

RV901T is an upgraded product of the 8-generation system RV801. It is fully compatible with the RV801 and supports all functions of the RV801. It can be used for the RV801. 1. Supports 12-bit HDMI color input (needs nine-generation transmit cards) 2. Adopts 18-bit signal processor , Large support for red, green and blue 18-bit (26 million) grayscale 3. Single card support 1024X256 pixels

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