Metal Claw CL-4 Robotic Arm Gripper


Stok Habis

Rp. 320.000

Metal Claw CL-4 Robotic Arm Gripper
Robot gripper parameters:

  • Material: hard aluminum alloy
  • Weight: about 40g (without servo)
  • The maximum angular spacing: 86mm
  • Overall length: 83mm (the overall maximum length when the paw is closed)
  • Overall width 1:150mm (maximum overall width when claws open)
  • Overall width 2:55mm (maximum overall width when claws are closed)
  • Overall thickness: 54mm (maximum overall thickness with rudder claws)

Shipping list:

Complete metal structure kit without servo

  • servo bisa dibeli disini
  • kondisi belum terakit

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