High Concentration Liquid Flow sensor AICHI OF05ZAT 1/2 Inch



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High Concentration Liquid Flow Sensor AICHI OF05ZAT 1/2 Inch


OF-Z flow sensor is suitable for measuring oil (heavy oil, light oil, heating oil, etc.).
It is a flow sensor with elliptic gears that measures microflow with accuracy.

・Measures heavy, light, heating oil, etc.
・Measures the microflow range with superior manufacturing technology.
・Good at measuring pulsating flow.
・Amplifier built-in magnetic sensor, which is strong against noise, is output in proportion to the flow velocity.
・Pulse output by open collectors or voltage pulse.
・Measures a wide range of flow rate with high accuracy.
・Simple structure due to the elliptic gears employed as a measuring principle.
・Capable of measuring various liquids.
・RoHS complaint (Complies with the RoHS directive to address the environmental issues.)

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