ESP8266 WiFi Motor Drive Expansion Board L293D ESP12E Lua Things Smart Car



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ESP8266 WiFi Motor Drive Expansion Board L293D ESP12E Lua Things Smart Car

Product Details

ESP-12E Motor drive expansion board


Based on the first motor-driven expansion board ESP-12E development.


  • ESP12 DEV KIT Development board expansion module;
  • All leads ESP12 DEV KIT-function pins: SPI, UART, GPIO, AI and 3.3V power connector;
  • Expand two-way motor-driven, two-way direct drive motor;
  • Onboard power switch;
  • L293D
  • Motor Power Range: 4.5V ~ 36V;
  • Control power range: 4.5V ~ 9V;
  • Motor power, control power separation; In the experiment, a short circuit can block the merger, shorted to VIN and VM, and the motor control board and power supply.

Product specifications

  • power input:

    ~ Motor power supply (VM): 4.5V ~ 36V, can be powered separately;

    ~ Control power supply (VIN): 4.5V ~ 9V (10VMAX), can be powered separately;

    ~ The module provides short circuit (short circuit VM and VIN), which can conveniently use one power supply (must be 4.5V ~ 9V) to complete the drive and control of the motor at the same time;

  • Logical operating current Iss: ≤ 60mA (Vi = L), ≤ 22mA (Vi = H);

  • Driving part operating current Io: ≤ 1.2A;

  • Maximum power dissipation: 4W (T=90°C)

  • Control signal input level: high level: 2.3V ≤ VIH ≤ VIN; low level: -0.3V ≤ VIL ≤ 1.5V

  • Working temperature: -25 ° C ~ +125 ° C

  • Drive form: dual high power H-bridge drive

  • ESP12E Dev Kit control port: D1, D3 (A motor); D2, D4 (B motor)

  • Module weight: about 20g


  • When inserting ESP-12E module, please note the direction consistent with an expansion board antenna;
  • The use of short modules that can simultaneously control board and motor 

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