TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver Controller 9~42VDC 4A Single Axis



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TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver Controller 9~42VDC 4A Single Axis

Feature :

9V-42V DC power supply;

H-bridge bipolar constant phase flow drive;

the maximum 4.0A output current eight optional;

maximum 32 segment six Subdivision optional;

the input signal is high-speed optical isolation;

the standard common anode single-pulse interface;

holding off function;

semi-enclosed housing to accommodate more demanding environments;

provide energy current semi-automatic locking function;

Subdivision Settings:

 Micro stp Pulse / rev S1 S2 S3
 1200  ONON  OFF
 2 / A400  ONOFF ON 
 2 / B 400OFF  ON ON
 4 800 ONOFF OFF 
 81600  OFF ON OFF
 163200  OFF OFF ON
 326400  OFF OFF OFF

Current settings:

Current (A)  PK CurrentS4 S5 S6 
0.5 0.7 ON  ON ON
1.0 1.2 ON OFF ON 
Fifteen 1.7 ON  ON OFF
2.0 twenty two ONOFF OFF 
2.52.7 OFF ON ON 
2.8 2.9 OFF  OFFON 
3.0 3.2 OFF ON OFF
3.5 4.0OFF  OFFOFF 

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