DC-DC 600W Step Up 10V-60V to 12V-80V



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DC-DC 600W Step Up 10V-60V to 12V-80V

Input voltage:two options for input voltage(selection by jumper cap in PCB):

  • 8V-16V(use for 12V storage battery or three series Li-Poly battery).IN this mode,input voltage must not beyond 16V,otherwise module must be damaged.
  • 12V-60V

Inout current:16A(max)please use heat sink if input current beyond 10A
Static working current:15mA
Output voltage:12V-80V(adjustable)
Output current:0.1A-12A(please use heat sink if output current beyond 10A)
Working temperature:-40°C~+85°C
Working frequency:150KHz
Transfer efficiency:95%(max)
Over current protection:Yes
Short circuit protection:Yes
Input reverse connect protection:NO
Output reverse connect protection:NO
PCB size:76x60x56mm

Set method of constant current and constant voltage:
1.Set output voltage:if selection 9V-12V,please use jumper cap.
2.Set output current:
1>.adjust CV potentiometer,adjust output voltage.
2>.keep anticlockwise rotate CC potentiometer in 300 circle,set the minimun current Then selection .Then connect to load ,adjust CC potentiometer to set output current that you want.

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