DC-DC 9A 300W DC Step-Down 7-40V to 1-35V CC CV



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DC-DC 9A 300W DC Step-Down 7-40V to 1-35V CC CV

Due to the discontinuation of 12A current chip manufacturers, the replacement chip current is reduced from 12A to 8A (the maximum current actually tested is about 9A), the input voltage is increasedfrom the previous 32V to 40V , and the output voltage is  increasedfrom the previous 28V to 35V 

General supplier specifications

DC-DC CC CV Buck Converter Step-down Power Supply Module 7-40V to 0.8-35V 8A

Input voltage: 7-40V

Output voltage: 0.8-35V

Output Current: 9A (max), up to 300W

Output noise: 50mV (20MHz bandwidth)

Load regulation: 1%

Voltage regulation: 1%

Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS

Switching frequency: 300kHz

Efficiency: up to 95%

Thermal shutdown, current limiting output short protection

Dimensions: 65x47x22mm (L x W x H)

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