TF-QB0 USB + LAN and Audio Full Color LED Screen Asynchronous LED Controller with HUB75


Stok Habis

Rp. 1.900.000

TF-QB0 USB + LAN and Audio Full Color LED Screen Asynchronous LED Controller


Control card



Arbitrary partition,Multi partition arbitrary superposition,Program background animation,,Streamer word,Text strokes, Smart scan,support cross screen,video(video no need transcoding),audio,picture.


100M Ethernet + U-disk

Cascade mode

Cann’t support cascade

Pixles range

Full color 512x128 1024x64 (Height max:512;Width max:1024)

Lanport Communication

Control card default IP:, support network automatically search10M/100MMadaptive, support U-disk updated program.

U-disk function

Support U-dsik updating program,adjusting brightness,modify the prameters

Hub board

2 x 50 Pin(height max support 10 pcs HUB75)

Scan type

support 1-32 scan type,support “smart scan”.can’t supports High refresh modules


4GB(Support U-disk memory expansion)

Program QTY

Maximum support 200 programs,support 16 partitions play at the same time,Partitions can overlap,each widow support 200 texts


45 kinds of different actions.

Colorful border

support a lot Colorful borders,support picture user-defined borders.

Content type

Video, audio,Text,flash,picture,animation,timing,count down,count up,clock,Temperature,humidity., weather.

Play type

program support playing by turns,by timing,by date,by week,by time quantum.

Time display

Clock,time,time with seconds,support adjusting font size,can set time zone,support many different time zones play at the same time.


lanport communication, support U disk update program.

Brightness adjust

16 levels Manual adjustment of brightness,support 6 period timing adjust brigtness,if you add a sensor, Auto adjust brightness.

Screen switch

manual screen switch,support 4 period timing screen switch.

Test Key

have test key on board,can Switch test mode.

Electrical parameters

+5V DC(4.5V~5.5V)

Working temperature


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