HD-U60-75 HUB 75 RGB USB LED Controller



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Rp. 195.000

Control points 64 * 640 points support two 75B standard interface

Storage capacity 8M

Adaptation range of full range of full color LED display

Software function grouping cluster management / multi-program editing / multi-zone display / multi-language version

Program Type Normal Program / 3D Word / Animation Word

The number of programs supports 64 programs, each program is divided into 8 areas

Area type graphic / subtitles / animation / lunar calendar / time / analog dial / positive and negative time / temperature / temperature and humidity / count / on demand

Border shows advanced dazzling magic program border / area border

Hyun moving background support

Clock display Lunar / analog dial / Chinese and English clock / positive and negative timing (both support multiple sets of display)

Communication mode U disk download or serial communication

Display interface 2 group T75

Sensor support temperature / temperature and humidity / infrared remote control

Remote control function program selection / screen lock / brightness adjustment / switch machine / screen test

Brightness Adjusts 256 levels of brightness, pay attention to the gray scale will reduce the control card with the range

Remote switch to support automatic switching machine / software switch machine / remote control switch machine

Operating voltage 5V (3.5V ~ 6.5V wide operating voltage)

High power ≤ 2W

Ambient temperature -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃

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