HD-W64 WIFI & U disk LED Controller



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HD-W64 WIFI & U disk LED Controller

Product name:
HD-W64 USB+Wifi wireless LED display controller

Single color: 1024*256 4096*64
Dual color: 512*256  4096*32 Pixels;
Tri color  672*128  2048*32

Load range: 1024w*256H 
widest: 4096
Highest: 256
Onboard Interface: 1*50PIN

Wifi Pasword : 88888888

software download KLIK

NOTE : kontroller ini dijual terpisah dengan HUB-nya

HUB 75 bisa dibeli disini KLIK

dan HUB 08 bisa di beli disini KLIK

Support real time Partition (secondary development)
Real time Preview, partitions area can overlap
Smart settings (U disk can not)
It max supports up to 32 gray level
Support time, including timed cycle
Support partitioned background
Can simultaneously control multiple cards
Support 7-color display, the new upgraded sixth generation card, support gradation, and regional overlap
Support a variety of scanning methods
support control multiple WIFI card by connections to Routers
Support temperature, humidity, brightness, remote control, etc.,the remote control support to select 1-9999 program to play
Easy software operation
Support lock screen parameters
Support the guide to create screen
U disk+WIFI wireless transmission , dual interface being prepared
WIFI can be encrypted control
No need IP settings, software interface is simple and easy to operate


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