TF-Qs2 Full Color LED Display Asynchronous Control Card



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TF-Qs2 Full Color LED Display Asynchronous Control Card

Control cardTF-QS2
StatesBatch supply 
FunctionArbitrary partition,Multi partition arbitrary superposition,Program background animation,,Streamer word,Text strokes,U-disk Smart scan pixels,support coss screen.
U-disk functionsupport U-disk uopdate program,U-disk adjust brightness,U-disk set the screen parameter.
Control rangefull color 256*128 512*64
HUB board1 50pin
Scan typeSupport 1/16,1/8,1/4,1/2,static,support smart settings,U-disk smart scan.
ProgramMaximum support 200 programs,support 16 partitions play,Partitions can overlap16,eahc widow support 200 texts.
Effect45 kinds of action
Colorful bordersupport many Colorful borders,support picture user-defined borders.
content typeVideo,Text,flash,picture,animation,timing,count down,clock,Temperature,humidity.
Play typeprogram support playing by turns,by timing,by date,by week,by time quantum.
Time displayClock,time,time with seconds,support adjusting font size,can set time zone,support many different time zones play at the same time.
CommunicationU-disk update
Brightness adjust16 levels Manual adjustment of brightness,support 6 period timing adjust brigtness,if you add a sensor, Auto adjust brightness.
Screen switchmanual screen switch,support 2 period timing screen swich. 
Test Keyhave test key on board,can Switch test mode. 
Expand functionTemperature sensor,temperature and humidity sensor,brightness sensor.
Electrical parameters+5V DC(4.5V~5.5V),working ≤3W
working temperature-30oC~70oC
Physical size96mm×84mm  Locating hole::78mm x 78mm

NOTE : TF-QS5 menggunakan Powerled terbaru 2.86.0

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