TF-QC3 Full Color LED Display Asynchronous Control Card + HUB 75



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TF-QC3 Full Color LED Display Asynchronous Control Card + HUB 75

Product name:
TF-QC3 USB Ethernet port Full color LED display asynchronous control card Support Full color: 512*160 384*320

Product Specifications :

PixelFull color: 512x160 384x320
Function introductionAny partition, multi-zone any overlay, video decoding, background animations, support cross screen(Cross screen demo video)
Storage4G (4096M bytes)
Ports2 group Universal 50PIN output interface (up to 10 75 Interface)
Communication portGigabit Ethernet + U disk combo
Network function:Card Default IP:, support smart card IP auto-linking
Scanning modesupport 1/16,1/8,1/4,1/2 and Static full-color scanning module, Support Smart Set any plot points
BorderSupport a variety of Colorful border effect, support picture custom border
DisplayRain, fountains, scrolls, etc. 45 animation effects.
Program numberSupports up to 200 programs, each program supports 16 regional play simultaneously. Each supports up to 200 graphic information
Information TypeVideo, hypertext, pictures, animation, countdown, is timing, temperature, humidity, clock
Play modeProgram host turns playing, long playback order, support segment by date, time, week broadcast regularly
USB FunctionUSB panel setup. 
USB brightness adjustment, 
USB program update, 
SD card/mini-SD card is Compatible when using USB,
Settings stored as a file format and do not affect the original document in USB.
Time DisplayDial clock, word clock, time with seconds, adjustable font size, you can set the time zone. Support multiple time zones control display
Extension functionTemperature sensor,Temperature&humidity sensor
Communication methodNetwork communication port, support network automatically finds 10M / 100M / 1000M adaptive, support U disk update program
Screen switchManual switch screen, supports four time periods timer switch screen
Brightness16 level Brightness, support for manual brighter, supports six time timing adjustment brightness automatically according to ambient brightness light-sensitive
Test buttonOn-board test button,can switch over to test mode and color test mode
Working temperature-30℃~70℃
Electrical parameters+5V DC(4.5V~6V),Power consumption<2W

NOTE : TF-QS1 menggunakan Powerled terbaru 2.86.0

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