ALTERA FPGA CycloneII EP2C5T144 System Learning Board Development Board



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ALTERA FPGA CycloneII EP2C5T144 System Learning Board Development Board

1. Using ALTERA's CycloneIIEP2C5T144 chip as the core minimum system, the FPGA is easily embedded into the actual application system.
2. Complete functions from simple logic control, data acquisition, signal processing, mathematical calculation, etc.
3. All pins of the FPGA chip 3. The core plate all leads can be applied directly to the board plugged into the board , 5V power supply on board can be introduced through the socket, it can also be introduced by the front row
4. Very compact size: 6 (cm) * 8 (cm)

Hardware Configuration:
1. Onboard EP2C5T144 chip
2. Configure the EPROM chip to adopt EPCS4 with a size of 4Mbit.
3. Onboard 50M active patch crystal oscillator (crystal oscillator on the back of the board)
4. Power supply uses large-port power socket, single 5V power supply
5. There are power indicator and reset switch on the board.
6. Onboard 3 SMD LEDs, can be used for LED test experiments, more experiments are done with leads
7. All IO ports and clock pins are led out via pin headers, through which any memory and peripherals can be extended
8. Board uses high quality tantalum capacitor for power supply filtering
9. Support the development of Nios II embedded CPU

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