SunDcreate Filamen 3D Printer Filament ABS Hitam 1.75mm 1 Kg



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Fillament ABS Hitam 1.75mm for 3D Printer

Brand : SunDcreate

Material: Raw materials imported from Japan and Taiwan

Net weight: 1KG

Printing temperature: 240-260 degrees

Floor temperature: 100-120 degrees

Performance characteristics of consumables:

1. Excellent comprehensive performance:

Due to its material properties, it is destined to have good overall performance, low density, good elasticity, good toughness, impact resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties, as well as easy processing, stable product dimensions, and other characteristics ;

2. Stable chemical properties:

Has high impact resistance, high heat resistance, etc.;

3. Good molding effect:

It has high toughness, low density, good forming effect, smooth and fine silk;

4. Wide range of applications:

It is widely used in machinery, automobiles , electronic appliances, instrumentation , textiles , construction and model airplanes and other industrial fields. It is a new type of material with a wide range of uses.

Disk size:

Disk diameter: 200 mm

Inner hole diameter: 56mm

Plate height: 65mm

Length: 1.75mm line length is about 380 meters


1. New players who have not used ABS or the printer is open, please do not buy, in these two cases, it will not be refunded after purchase!

2. Due to the material itself, ABS material shrinks greatly and tends to warp edges. Please do not purchase if you are not sure about warping edges. The vacuum bag will not be refunded if you remove the vacuum bag after purchase!

3. Please turn off the nozzle cooling fan when printing ABS!

4. Since ABS is extracted from petroleum, there will be an odor during printing. Those who mind should be cautious in buying, thank you!

ABS is sold to players who understand it and can control it, and can play its due value in his hands. Those who don't understand it, and those who can't control it, can still buy PLA for fun. Because it is a waste product to return to us after dismantling or using it, thank you for your understanding!

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