3D Printer Endstop Mechanical Limit Switch



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3D Printer Endstop Mechanical Limit Switch

Features advantages:

High quality switching components.

Specially designed high-quality wire, using 22AWG wire, the inside of the copper wire is very thick, can withstand 2A current, 300V voltage. The temperature range of the insulation layer is also wide and can reach 80 degrees. It is unmatched by the thin copper wire of the ordinary connection. It is not easy to break, and it is convenient to insert and pull. For the convenience of use, the plug on the other side is integrated, and it can be used directly.

The kit includes:

1) A mechanical switch

2) A 3-pin cable

Connection instructions:

1) Red line is connected to VCC ( + of ramps )

2) Black wire is connected to GND ( amps -)

3) Green line connects SIGNAL (ramps s)

cable lenght : 70Cm

Tips: Under normal circumstances, the system needs to be configured with at least 3 mechanical switches.

Advantages: Easy installation and common styles.

Disadvantages: Mechanical parts are easy to wear and have a short service life.

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