MKS DET Power Failure Detection Module with UPS



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MKS DET Power Failure Detection Module


1. a power failure detection module

2. 3PIN DuPont line one.

product description:

1. The power input terminal (blue terminal) of the power failure detection module and the UPS are connected to a 220V (110 also available) power supply at the same time. The power-off detection module signal output (three pins) is connected to the MKS TFT. (PB0-->B0 Gnd-->-3.3V-->+).

2. When the power supply suddenly loses power, the UPS can still supply power to the printer. The power-off detection module transmits the power-off information to the MKS TFT.

3. After receiving the power-off information, the MKS TFT will automatically put the printer into the pause state and remove the print head from the model, so as not to damage the model.

4. The MKS TFT itself has a power-off function, but when the power is suddenly turned off, only the print status can be saved, and the print head cannot be moved. This problem can be solved by using the power-off continuous module and UPS. At the same time, the UPS only needs to run for about 1 minute, and the requirements for the UPS are not very high.

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