2020B Mini Engraving Machine PVC Mill Engraver


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Rp. 4.000.000

2020B PCB Milling Machine CNC DIY Wood Carving Support MACH3 System


-Menggunakan CNC Shield & Arduino Uno

-Komunikasi via USB bukan pararel

-Software bawaan CD grblControl

Main Features:
● Supports MACH3 system
● Working table size: 200 x 200 x 70mm; table structure: 10mm PCB
● Supports system: windows 2000 / XP
● Supports both desktop and notebook computers
● Adopts 42 stepper motor which provides faster-moving speed
● Equipped with a 300W spindle motor
● USB interface; tool diameter range: 0.3 - 3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm
● Main shaft power:300W; main shaft speed: 6000 - 12000rpm/min
● Triangle spindle: 300W; ER11: 3.175mm; resolution ratio: 0.0125mm
● Lead screw: M8 threaded stainless steel lead screw
● Max. X axis travel: 200mm; Max. Y axis travel: 200mm; Max. Z aixs travel: 70mm
● Max. moving speed: 4000mm/min; control: 3000mm/min 
● Suitable for engraving PVC PCB wood materials
● It is unassembled DIY kit, which provides you an unforgettable step-by-step learning experience from scratch. As long as you have a passion for creativity, you can not afford to miss this product

The assembled dimensions are 400mmx430mmx350mm


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